(1). Who can apply for a bad credit mobile phones contract?

- Basically, anyone can apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract. The only difference is that bad credit mobile phones contracts are designed for individuals with a not so perfect credit score or those who have bad credit. If you are 18 years of age, a legal resident of the UK and can provide proof of income, you can apply for our bad credit mobile phones contract.

(2). What assurance do I have of being approved with bad credit?

- CLWYD Phones is all about ensuring that we provide you with the best experience. In this regard, so long as you meet the basic eligibility requirement and provide all the information required during application, we can assure you that your application will be approved within no time. We do not take your credit score into consideration when approving your application.

(3). What are some of the things that could make my application rejected?

- As we had stated earlier, your credit score cannot be the reason for rejection of a bad credit mobile phones contract. That notwithstanding, there are a number of scenarios that could lead to your application being rejected. These are: intentional or unintentional provision of wrongful information on your personal, errors of omission and commission or inaccurate financial details.

(4). How many bad credit mobile phones plans are available for my choosing?

- At CLWYD Phones, we understand the important aspect of giving our customers a free hand especially when it comes to choosing a plan of their liking. What we do as a leading provider is ensure that our customer personnel advice and enlighten you on the available plans and ensure that the decision you ultimately make is not only pegged on your tastes and preferences but also informed in every aspect.

(5). Can I choose a handset of my own choice?

- Yes. You can choose any handset you need when applying for a mobile phone contract. We always encourage our customers to choose a plan that is within their budget and that appeals to them socially and even financially.

(6). What if I want a refurbished phone?

- CLWYD Phones offers bad credit mobile phones plans for both refurbished and brand new mobile devices. We are cognizant of the fact that people have different financial clouts as well as budgets and therefore have given them a choice. Depending on one’s budget and preference, our customers are at liberty to choose either a refurbished handset or go for a brand new one.

(7). How does the contract period I choose affect the amount of money I pay per month?

- Basically, the longer you are committed to a contract, the lower the amount of money you pay per month. However, you also need to know that you will be locked into a contract for a long period of time in the unlikely event you want to opt out.

(8). How diverse are the mobile phones on offer?

- It is imperative to note that at CLWYD Phones, we are all about exceeding the expectations and needs of our customers. In this regard, we offer as many varieties of mobile phones as possible. A person applying with us can choose from a wide variety such as iPhones, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Microsoft windows, HTC and many more.

(9). What is the standard period I can be committed to a bad credit mobile phones contract?

- CLWYD Phones requires that all individuals applying for bad credit mobile phone contracts be committed for at least 18 months.

(10). How long do I have to wait before I can be approved?

- At CLWYD Phones, we believe in offering the best experience to our customers. As such, we are always committed to ensuring that our customers get approved within the shortest time possible usually within 24 hours or in special cases 48 hours.