About Us

CLWYD Phones is your dedicated, top tier and dependable bad credit mobile phones provider across the UK. We started our operations to fulfill a need we identified in the market. For long, people with bad credit or those whose credit scores were not so stellar were consigned to mobile phones contracts Siberia. Their applications were rejected and declined every now and then and this in itself was an injustice of sorts. In view of this, CLWYD Phones started operations with the sole aim and objective of helping people with bad credit get approved for bad credit mobile phones contracts.

We have continually been able to help thousands of people residing within the UK get approved for mobile phone contracts irrespective of the fact that they might be having bad credit. We believe that mobile phones are a necessity and no longer a luxury as was the case few years ago. As a result, we offer various bad credit mobile phone plans to all those people with a poor credit rating. We are committed to our vision, mission and philosophy of customers coming first and this explains why we have managed to remain the leading provider in the provision of contracts for bad credit.

Our excellent and reliable customer service is one of the reasons we continue to be a force to reckon with in the provision of bad credit mobile phone contracts. Our affordable plans coupled with an overbearing commitment to the well being of our customers are what give us a competitive edge against our competitors.